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Life at Intergalactic

“I joined Intergalactic to make an impact. I feel that I am closer to the patients and that I can contribute with my science to improve their lives. My motivation is fed by two sources at Intergalactic: One is the work itself, and the other one is the people. The vibe is so positive that it pushes me to give the best of myself!”

Rosario “Chari” Fernandez-Godino, Ph.D.
Head of Retina Lab

“I came to work for Intergalactic because the technology has the potential to change the field of gene therapy, and gene therapy is going to be the future of healthcare and medicine. The learning curve never stops—I constantly find myself learning and growing, and that is an amazing place to be.”

Keerthana Subramanian
Senior Engineer

“One of the things I enjoy most about being a part of Intergalactic is the variety of projects. Each one has its own challenges, it is never boring, and I get to work with colleagues of different backgrounds. The complexity of turning the gene electrotransfer concept into a successful therapy requires each individual to bring something unique.”

Jaka Cemazar, Ph.D.
Staff Engineer

“As a startup in an emerging and rapidly advancing area of biotechnology, Intergalactic offers immense opportunities for growth. Every day, you get to work toward a shared goal with driven and motivated colleagues in a fast-paced environment that offers ample room for constant collaboration.”

Samiksha Shah
R&D Project Manager & Competitive Intelligence Lead

“Our technology is a real game changer and supported by experienced team members and investors who know how to bring it to clinic. It’s exciting to work on a new class of therapy that has the potential to make a difference in the world.”

Jin Huh, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Head of Synthetic Biology

Meet the Photographer

Wei Zhang, Ph.D., is a retina biologist at Intergalactic Therapeutics. He is also a very talented amateur photographer who snapped many of the portraits and other images you see on this website.

He says: “I like to observe beautiful things and sights in life, and photography is just the right tool to record them. My photography is diverse, and my subject matter includes landscape, culture, portraits, and night scenes. My photographs have been viewed over 10 million times online.

“Photography has trained me to observe details and express the beauty of works. As a researcher, I find this ability is very helpful for in depth analysis of the results of experiments and presentation of them in a logical order.”


Intergalactic Therapeutics colleagues have agreed upon the values that define what we stand for and how we act:

We are Curious.

We advance novel disease-fighting science and technologies with a passion for innovation.

We challenge ourselves to find new and better solutions; learning, adapting, and never resting in our quest to benefit patients.

We are Collaborative.

We work as one team and always have each other’s backs—we are in this together for and with patients.

We embrace the full diversity of humanity. Our interactions are defined by inclusion, humility, and mutual respect.

We are Courageous.

We rise to the tasks of leadership, valuing deep expertise and taking smart risks.

We ask tough questions, give and receive honest feedback, and bring our authentic selves to everything we do.

We are Committed.

We follow the science and data and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, rigor, and ethical conduct.

We hold ourselves accountable and deliver for our company and patients.


Intergalactic Therapeutics offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package which allows our team members to take care of their health and the health of their loved ones. Our benefits are designed to be inclusive of the diversity of our present and future team members. A few highlights of our benefits package include:


If you are looking for a place you can define the future of gene therapy and deliver transformational treatments and cures to patients, we’re looking for you! Click here to view our openings.

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